Domain Names

How to register a domain name and what the web host should provide. Domain Names can be bought and registered alone, or with a web hosting package. A domain name can be registered with one web host and point to a web site at another host, or they can be at the same web hosting provider.

Domain names are registered at a registry through a nominated registrar, which is usually the company you will deal with to register and host your domain name. This is known as a Top-Level Domain (TLD) with one of the many domain extensions that indicate country, category or organization, such as .com,, .net, or .org. There are now many others, such as .company or .photography.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN for short, manages the overall namespace, with registries, such as Nominet in the UK, coordinating the domain registration at a country level and dealing with disputes.

Once registered the domain will be allocated to a registrar, who may then provide wen hosting services to allow email and a website to be used with the domain. The registrar can also redirect the domain using Name Servers to another location that will provide the email and web hosting services.

Registering a domain name through one of the main domain registration service providers is easy, and ensures the domain is registered in your name and under your control. Be cautious about using third parties, such as web designers, to register your domain name and ensure the domain is registered with your name and address, and company details if applicable. 

Domain registration alone is very cheap and can be set to automatically renew every year, every two years or other period as available. The domain registration is only that, and it requires an associated web hosting package to enable the domain to be used for email or to serve a web site.