Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud based web hosting is relatively new and offers a cost effective option, that utilises the resources from clustered servers. So what do you need to consider when looking for cloud web hosting?

Cloud based Web Hosting utilises the virtual resources across a number of web servers in a cluster. Scalability and flexibility are positive aspects of cloud web hosting: increases in traffic and load can be accommodated with additional resources from other web servers in the cloud as and when they are needed.

Cloud Web Hosting provides more reliability and less downtime by spreading server functions across the cloud of servers with the ability to draw resources from multiple sources as needed.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Web Hosting?

  • Guaranteed website performance
  • Scalability to demand
  • Cost-effective access to web server power and memory
  • No single point of failure
  • Data backup and recovery as part of the cloud
  • Flexibility as your website grows to require more disk space and bandwidth

Cloud Hosting Issues to Consider

  • Host Technical Issues - does the cloud hosting company have the technical expertise and infrastructure to fully support cloud web hosting?
  • Security & Privacy Risks - if your data is spread across multiple servers at a number of locations, what are the security implications for your business?
  • Internet Attacks and Hacking - is your website and data more vulnerable with cloud hosting?
  • Increasing Costs - how does the cost model scale as usage, disk space and web server functionality requirements increase?